Icelantic Skis

In their business – manufacturing hand-made skis and boards for the joy of powder riding – Icelantic is committed to support the local economy around their homebase in Denver, Colorado. This decision was made not just for the sake of sustainability, but also to ensure the highest quality available for their outstanding gear. It is a decision that displays the brand‘s consciousness of the world, environmentally as well as economically. Furthermore, Icelantic strives for rhythm and balance in all things – ski, art, life and technology – and they invite everybody to join them.

Based on this policy, the desire to help bringing the world back into balance, Icelantic has decided to support our exhibition. They have donated a pair of their hand-made powder tools that will hopefully push the picture sales on February 3rd. And to close with their words: Let‘s do it together! Find your Rhythm! To make the world a little bit better.