Trek Bicycles





TREK is one of the most renowned bicycle manufacturers in the world. They started out as a five-man show in a barn in Wisconsin back in 1976, but quickly evolved into an internationally operating corporation. Innovation was always a key driver for TREK: In 1992 TREK was the first company to start a serial-production of carbon bicycle frames. This helped them to reach many top ranks in the bicycle sports realm. The first time Lance Armstrong ever won the Tour de France, it was on a TREK bike. He repeated his success six times in a row in the following years, each time on a bike made by TREK.

Social commitment is a very strong force in the focus and actions of TREK. Like us, they support the idea that bikes can make a significant change in everyday life – be it in terms of transportation, environmental advantages, or simply for health benefits. We share the vision of a world which is made more equal, more adventurous and healthier in every way through sports.

If you are wondering about the sponsors’ role in the reel – a tribute to sports photography: they enable us to organize the event and make it all happen. So go and visit their websites, they are very important supporters of our idea:

We are very happy to have TREK on board as a sponsor of reel – tribute to sports photography.